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Jack the Ripper Tours

The horrific tale of Jack the Ripper still remains the greatest mystery in the world. Our Jack the Ripper tour has recently been voted number 1 Jack the Ripper tour on tripadvisor.

The violent story of Jack the ripper is so shrouded in myth and outlandish theories that is sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction. For the first time ever we can present the truth about what actually happened. Using the original police reports, mortuary photographs, eye witness testimonies and following the original police investigation we bring the streets of Whitechapel in 1888 back to life.


– H Division Crime Club UK

We enter the killers dark world and walk the cobbled stoned streets of the old East End. We will visit the original murders sites and examine the clues. We visit more murder sites than any other tour company and better still, we remain the only Jack the Ripper tour in London to use original police photographs.

Each of our guides are dedicated Ripperologists (professional researchers/authors on the subject of Jack the Ripper). Our guides even organise the annual Jack the Ripper conference, the largest research convention in the world. We are the first to hear of new findings, evidence and breakthroughs. So when you walk with us, you walk with the best.


Our Jack the Ripper tour uses the modern technic of criminal profiling, invented by the FBI and used across the world in hunting serial killers. Following experts such as John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood of the FBI and Scotland Yards Laura Richards we piece together the clues to finally reveal the face of the man the police of 1888 should have been looking for during the autumn of terror.


Who will we reveal as the killer at the end of the tour? There’s only one way to find out. So what are you waiting for? Join us now as we finally hunt down history’s most elusive criminal.


Jack the Ripper’s London

We will visit the cobbled stoned streets of Jack the Rippers London, the alleyways, murder sites and areas associated with the most infamous murder case in history.

Osborne street and the Murder of Emma Smith

The Whitechapel murders began in the early hours of April 3rd 1888 when a penniless prostitute was attached at the Junction of Osborne street and Wentworth street. Was it the work of the Ripper?

Gunthorpe Street and the murder of Martha Tabram

The lifeless body of Martha Tabram was discovered on a landing in George Yard buildings. Her death has divided historians and researchers for decades. Find out why.

Mary Ann Nichols, Frying pan pub and Brick lane

The official first victim of Jack the Ripper left the Frying pan pub in the early hours of 31st August 1888 and was later discovered in Bucks row. Learn about the manner of her death and the media storm that followed.

Hanbury street and the death of Annie Chapman

The lifeless body of Annie Chapman was discovered in the back yard of 29 Hanbury street with injuries so appalling it still shocks all those who hear it. One of Jack the Rippers most brutal crimes. But was the killer seen by an eye witness?

The Ten Bells pub

One of the most well known pubs in the gruesome story of Jack the Ripper. It has been a landmark in many books, graphic novels, documentaries and hollywood movies. What is the real story behind the east ends most famous establishment?

Mitre square and the murder of Catherine Eddowes. The Double Event

On 30th September 1888 Jack the Ripper committed his most shocking crime to date by killing not once but twice in less than 45mins. Hear about the events leading up to the murders, the clues, eyewitnesses and police investigation.

Goulston street and the only clue left by Jack the Ripper

Visit the original building and doorway where the only clue in the Jack the Ripper murders was discovered. Learn of the police frustration and the eventual destruction of evidence. Perhaps the most controversial moments of the case.

Dorset street and the death of Mary Jane Kelly

All roads lead to Dorset street in our final stop as we investigate Jack the Rippers most savage murder. A mystery victim, a mystery witness and a final curtain to the most gruesome victorian legacy of all time.

The suspects: Who was Jack the Ripper?

After 126 years and using modern criminal profiling, geographical mapping and good old fashioned detective work we may finally take you one step closer to revealing the real Jack the Ripper.


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