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Ripperology Timeline

Our timeline lists all the important findings/events of Jack the Ripper related news

February 1894

Macnaghten Memoranda written detailing the detailing the “canonical” list of victims and three contemporary suspects


The trial of George Chapman / Severin Klosowski and the comments by Abberline regarding his candidacy as a Ripper suspect in the press.


Sir Robert Anderson’s memoirs The Lighter Side of my Official Life are published, in which Anderson discusses his Polish Jew theory. Memoirs are also published by Major Henry Smith of the City Police, as well as that of psychiatrist Lyttelton Forbes-Winslow, who can be considered an early Ripper theorist.

1913 – Marie Belloc Lownde’s novel “The Lodger” is published

September 1913 – The Littlechild Letter, discussing Tumblety as a suspect is written.

1926 – Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog” released – the first major film on Jack the Ripper

1929 – Leonard Matters’ book “The Mystery of Jack the Ripper” published – the first full length analysis of the case.

1937 – The first book with a “Jill the Ripper” theory – that the killer was a woman – is published.

1959 – The Macnaughten Memoranda is made public.

1962 – Prince Albert Victor first accused of being Jack the Ripper

1973 – First mention of the Royal Conspiracy theory – that the crimes were a coverup for an illicit marriage and child with Royalty.

1975 – “The Complete Jack the Ripper” by Donald Rumbleow is first published.

1987 – A number of documents are returned anonymously to Scotland Yard, including photographs of the victims, the Dear Boss letter and Dr Bond’s notes on Mary Kelly’s post mortem.

1987 – The contents of the Swanson Marginalia are published, naming Anderson’s Polish Jew suspect.

1988 – Centenary of the murders. Numerous new books published. The Jack the Ripper Pub is restored to it’s original name – The Ten Bells.

1991 – The Jack the Ripper A-Z is published

1992 – The discovery of the Diary of Jack the Ripper

1992 – The journal Ripperana is first published in Australia

1994 – The Cloak and Dagger Club founded

1994 – Ripperologist magazine first published in the UK

1994 – Philip Sugden’s “The Complete History of Jack the Ripper” is published.

1995 – The Littlechild letter is discovered

1996 – Casebook: Jack the Ripper, the first website dedicated solely to the case goes live.

1996 – First Jack the Ripper Conference takes place in Ipswich

1999 – Ripper Notes first published in the USA

2000 – Publication of the Jack the Ripper Sourcebook

2000 – First American Jack the Ripper Convention in New Jersey.

2001 – Neal Shelden publishes the first (and only) known picture of a Ripper victim alive – Annie Chapman on her wedding day.

2008 – Museum in Docklands holds the Jack the Ripper and the East End exhibition

2009 – The first known picture of the interior of Dutfield’s Yard is published in “Jack the Ripper: The Location Photographs” by Philip Hutchinson.